Samui Crocodile Farm


Visit Samui Crocodile Farm and watch as these prehistoric animals perform breathtaking tricks with their fearless trainers. Shows every hour.

Samui Crocodile Farm is guaranteed to keep the adults entertained just as much as the children in your group! Samui Crocodile Farm is more than just crocodiles – the farm is host to many other animals including snakes, otters and birds native to Koh Samui and Thailand. Interact with the wildlife up close for a once in a lifetime opportunity.

If you’re looking for a fun yet thrilling day out in Koh Samui, then the Samui Crocodile Farm should be high up on your activity to do list.

Situated very close to Samui Airport and half way between Choeng Mon and Chaweng, the Crocodile Farm is in easy reach travelling wise for a fun day out with the family. The 8,000 square meter grounds are formed of a tropical palm garden, surrounded by beautiful stone quarries.

The Samui Crocodile Farm hold several animal shows throughout the day, with the Crocodile and snake shows being the stars and proving the most popular. Here you’ll see the animals perform breathtaking tricks both in and out of the water. And the highly skilled trainers show no fear as they hold their head between the sharp glinting teeth of their famous crocks!

The handlers really are fearless and you’ll be amazed at the death defying stunts they present day in day out. But just don’t try it at home!

And if you’ve never witnessed a snake being charmed in real life before, the Samui Crocodile Farm is the place to see it. Watch in awe as they hypnotise the reptiles with soothing music and almost magical precision.

Have you ever wanted to hold one of these amazing creatures? The animals are kept in large enclosures but here at the farm you’ll get the chance to touch the reptiles and hold some of the birds. You can also have your photo taken with them, making an amazing memento we’re sure you’ll agree.

There are a number of other animals making their home at the Samui Crocodile Farm. You’ll also get the opportunity to see alligators, snakes, otters and an assortment of other reptiles, tropical birds and even monkeys.

So if you are wondering how you can keep the kids entertained on holiday and are looking for a thrilling spectacle to witness, you can’t go wrong with the Samui Crocodile Farm. Book your tickets with Samuipedia before you travel and we’ll arrange it all so you don’t have to.

Where You Can Find Samui Crocodile Farm

What's Included in Your Visit to Samui Crocodile Farm

  • Entry into Koh Samui Crocodile Farm is included (shows are free)

What's Not Included

  • Hotel transfers (available separately)

What to Bring

  • Camera
  • Sun protection

When the Crocodile & Snake Shows are on

Crocodile and snake shows are held every hour from 12pm to 5pm, 7 days a week:

12:00 - Crocodile Show
13:00 - Snake Show
14:00 - Crocodile Show
15:00 - Snake Show
16:00 - Crocodile Show
17:00 - Snake Show

Booking for Visit to Samui Crocodile Farm

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